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Welcome To My Creative Space...

Hi, I am Gemma - the creative face behind The Creative Palette.

All Things Creative
I have recently graduated in BA (Hons) Media and Communication. As my path of study suggests I have always had a creative personality whether it be through taking on the role of interior designer and decorating my bedroom or through manipulating images of flowers and then painting them or through reporting on creative occurrences as a freelance journalist.

During my final year at university I produced an independent art & culture magazine: The Fresh Palette. It featured the latest art news, features, reviews and artist insights, profiles and tips as well as cultural exclusives. Producing this magazine was not just a project to complete; it was my hobby and my passion! Since finishing university I have not only found myself with some spare time but a longing to continue creating and writing about all things creative. I needed a space to share and express my creativity! This is where The Creative Palette comes in...  The Creative Palette is an online, spin-off from my magazine. Click here to read The Fresh Palette.

On here you will find snippets into my creative mind. You can explore my personal creations from painting to designing and writing to baking. I will also post about creationists who inspire me and often review exhibitions or cultural occurences.

Creative Blogging as Therapy
Technology often has a bad reputation when it comes to stress. This is something I can closely relate to as a sufferer of anxiety. Whilst I was producing my magazine I sometimes found a distraction from my worries through writing. Therefore, I also want to continue writing and blog for a positive outcome; I want to explore writing about creativity as almost 'a form of therapy'. Anxiety is something I continue to battle with and so you may sometimes see interruptions, from the regular creative posts, with mindfulness posts.

And, of course, it isn't all about me! Using my blog for therapy is an on-going journey of discovery into whether or not it will work but I hope to provide a creative sanctuary where everyone can escape from everyday life to a world of creativity.

Get Involved & Get Creative!
So I would love for you to get involved... share your creative ideas and inspirations and don't forget to follow my blog to stay up to date with the latest creative trends.