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Friday, 24 March 2017

5 FREE, Innovative Ways to Say Thank You Mom

Our Mothers do so much for us on a daily basis which we often take for granted. So it is great that we have a whole day each year dedicated to thanking them. That day is of course Mother's Day and this year it is just around the corner.

Sunday 26 March is the perfect opportunity to say "thank you Mom" but just how to we say it? Do we fight with the rest of the country to book a table at a busy restaurant, stick to the standard chocolates and flowers or worry about whether we have spent enough?

If you're still looking for something different to do, but on a budget, then there's still time; check out these 5 FREE & creative ways to make Mother's Day 2017 special in Birmingham and beyond.

Curds and Whey - a cheese stall at mac's Food Market
1 Visit mac birmingham's Food Market
Featuring a range of street foods and freshly made treats from a selection of cheeses to Tex-Mex and gluten-free/vegan bakes this free market fills mac with its mouthwatering aromas every month. It always falls on the final Sunday of every month and this month so does Mother's Day making it the ideal, tasty and alternative way to spend the day. Visit mac birmingham's website for information about stall holders and opening times.

A view of the bridge over the lake at Cannon Hill Park
2 Go for a walk in Cannon Hill Park
Tie in a leisurely walk at Birmingham's most popular park with your visit to mac's Food Market. Located in south Birmingham the 250 acre space, which includes woodland and a lake, is perfect for wondering around, picnicking or recreational activities. Visit Birmingham City Council's website for more details. Alternatively, if you don't live near Birmingham find a green space local to you and enjoy a family walk there.

3 Write a letter to your Mom
Words cost nothing and yet sometimes they can mean the most. So why not write a thank you letter to your Mom to let her know just how much she means to you. Avid bloggers this is particularly a great idea for you; you are used to writing regularly so why not use your skills to create something amazing. It is exactly what I did and trust me this is sure to be the most special gift she will receive.

4 Bring the spa to your home 
You know those face masks and foot creams you have been meaning to use? Well now is the time. There's no need to travel miles for a spa day; simply re-create a relaxing sanctuary at home. Fetch the robes, slippers and smellies and stay in with your Mom for a pamper day - a peaceful retreat without having to move a muscle.

5 Bake without buying a thing
You may be wondering how it is possible to cook without buying anything. Easy! - use up leftovers or ingredients you already have in your home. If you're stuck for ideas take a look at BBC Good Food's list of recipes which use only the contents of your cupboards. There's enough ideas to cook a three course meal or even create your own afternoon tea. Who needs the hassle of cramped dining spaces and trying to book a table anyway?


  1. Awww this is such a cute blog post! Really love the idea of bringing the spa home, that's the perfect way to treat your mum :)

    1. Aww thank you! It really is a great way. Hope to see you soon Izzy xx

  2. I love these ideas ! I especially like the idea of making a spa at home :) I really hope that you start posting again soon !

    lots of love, Marianne xxx