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Friday, 10 February 2017

3 Step Amaretto & Vodka Jelly Shots

Want to add something unique to that Friday or Saturday night party but don't want to spend ages making it? Purple Passion jelly alcoshots are the answer! They are the perfect party treat and delicious too.

And what's even better is they literally take minutes to make leaving you more time to party.

TIP 1:

  • The official recipe suggests you should use blackcurrant or grape jelly but I always use Hartley's Blackcherry jelly (which you can purchase from most supermarkets) because it tastes amazing! 

TIP 2: An important step, before you begin, is to brush the insides of the jelly mould with a thin layer of cooking oil. It won't affect the taste it just maintains the shape of the shot and makes removing the it easier. Remember this because I forgot once and the result was unsual shaped jelly shots!

1. Mix the jelly with the boiling water until the powder/block is fully dissolved.
2. Then add the cold water, amaretto and vodka. (I use Disaronno because it is my fave).
3. Finally, place in the fridge for mixture to set.

TIP 3: Get the jelly shots out of fridge at least 15 mins before you want to serve them because they will melt slightly allowing them to slip easily out of the mould.

You're done; surprise your guests with your tasty jellies.

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