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Monday, 13 February 2017

10 Things to do on Valentine's Day if You're Single

Dreading Valentine's Day? All that love and soppiness, all of the red merchandise that shops shove in our faces at least a month beforehand, all of the couples. Us singles either can't wait for it to be over or quite frankly wish it wasn't happening.

Well dread it no more!
As a newly singleton I only know the feeling too well this year and so I came up with my own creative list of activities to get stuck into on Valentine's if you're single. They are sure to make you enjoy the day and appreciate being single.

10 Creative Things to do on Valentine's Day if You're Single

1 Guys have a 'mate date' and if you're a girl let this be the year you celebrate Galentine's Day - Never heard of Galentine's? Neither had I until recently - it comes from the American comedy TV series Parks and Recreation and you don't even need to be single to take part because it occurs the day before, on February 13, it is just about getting together with your girls and having fun. And I'm terming the guys equivalent a 'mate date'.

2 Make the unhealthiest dessert ever and indulge - Go on, you deserve it. It doesn't even have to take long; check out my 2 minute chocolate fondant mug cake.

3 Create a photo collage of you and all your friends - This is both creative and a feel-good activity. Doing this will make you feel good when you remember the great people you have around you.

4 Lose yourself with colouring - With all these emerging, innovative colouring ideas around, including colouring books and dot-to-dots for adults, there is no excuse not to get creative and colour.

5 Shop for your self-love - There is no greater reward than treating yourself to something new so go on a shopping spree and spend the money you would've spent, on a present or meal for a valentine, on yourself.

6 Snuggle up for a film night - Wear your comfiest clothes and watch a film - don't watch a soppy romcom though; I recommend the recently released How To Be Single (2016) which offers a great motto for single life. It's only £5.99 to buy from TalkTalk.

7 Distract yourself with a new hobby - You know that hobby you have been on about "getting around to" or have always said "I'll do it tomorrow" well Valentine's Day is the perfect day to start it. As a single pringle there's no one to focus on except you so start it - no excuses!

8 Buy a pet - Forget boyfriends/girlfriends, nothing can give you more love than a pet. So go to your local pet store and pick up your furry, or not so furry, friend.

9 Make exercise fun with trampolining - All you fitness fanatics can go crazy with this one, or if you just fancy something other than the gym, get a group together and go trampolining. Exercise makes you feel great and this exercise is so much fun it feels effortless. Local places to bounce include Rush Birmingham and Jump Nation.

10 Play 'the ultimate Valentine's Day drinking game' with your pals - Drinking games are always fun but Buzzfeed's is especially for Valentine's and can turn an evening you haven't been looking forward to into one to remember! Check it out.

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