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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Top 10 Tunes to Inspire Creativity

All the excitement of Christmas and New Year is over; the cold weather, the dark evenings, everyone trying to cut out the treats after overindulging is the reason January can feel a bit dull.

Sometimes January can make it a struggle to be creative. But, that doesn't have to be the case. With all these ways to listen to music nowadays see if turning up the tunes turns up your creativity too.

Top 10 Tunes To Inspire Creativity
From pop party classics to reggae and rap here is my pick of 10 tunes which are sure to inspire and get you feeling creative again.

1 S Club 7: Bring It All Back. Bring your creativity back with this classic party hit.
2 DNCE: Cake By The Ocean. It's hard to not be happy when there's cake involved, right?
3 Olly Murs: Deeper. Olly will launch you deep into your creativity with his upbeat tune.
4 Fun: We Are Young. A fun song if you fancy a more chilled route to creativity.
5 Cheat Codes: Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On). This tune will turn your creativity on.
6 Toploader: Dancing in the Moonlight. If you are a similar age to me then this probably brings back the happiness of your childhood memories too.
7 The Script: Hail Rain or Sunshine. A bit different from The Script's usual style, it really gives you that feel good feeling.
8 Omi: Cheerleader. This tropical tune is sure to 'cheer' you up and make you forget it's January.
9 Pitbull: Timber. It may be a bit "last year" but it's still a top party tune sure to get your mojo back.
10 Chainsmokers: Closer. Just the bass of this song will bring you 'closer' to your creativity.

Which tunes inspire you to be creative?


  1. Oh, I've definitely been struggling to write some creative blog posts so far this month!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I can relate to you there but I hope my recommendation of tunes to listen to has helped. Thank you for reading. Gemma xx

  2. I'm really trying to boost my creativity this year so I'm going to try giving these a listen ! Thank you :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

    1. Great idea and I hope they help! Thanks for reading, Gemma xx