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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Exclusive Interview: The Secret of Art as a Pastime Revealed

When it comes to art we always hear from the experts about what made them successful whilst the beginners and hobbyists get pushed into the background. But everyone starts somewhere and those are the secrets we need to know in order to be successful. And success doesn't just mean earning a living or reputation from something - success can mean finding something you enjoy.
"painting is a good way to express feelings"
In an exclusive interview Louise Hill, who has been painting as a hobby for 2 years, reveals why art as a pastime is great for expressing yourself and your feelings.

Myself (left) and Louise (right)
What inspired you to paint?
"I have been painting, in my free time, for 2 years now; I started drawing first, doing pencil sketches for about half a year and then I decided to have a go at watercolour painting.

"Scenery, watching films and things I see inspire me to paint. And painting is a good way to express feelings. I just have an urge to paint and it is a good way to express myself on paper."

Would you ever consider turning your hobby into a career?
"I did think about it. I set up my own website and got a few prints made which I tried selling on a stall. A lot of people were interested and said they would look on my website.

"Although, I enjoy doing it more as a hobby because there is less pressure. If I was pressured to make a certain amount of paintings I may not enjoy it as much and they may not turn out as well."

Which is your favourite artwork and why?
"Starry Sky on canvas is my favourite because it was my first time painting on canvas and I think you can really see the detail; the overall effect on the canvas is really good."

Starry Sky 2016
What media and techniques did you use?
"[For Starry Sky] I used watercolour paint. I just used a little bit of white watercolour paint, with no water, and dotted it on the canvas using different size brushes to create the starry sky effect.

"For the trees I used a slanted, square brush and pressed down and I think the canvas provides a textured effect which makes it look really good."

What is your advice for art beginners/hobbyists?
"Just go for it. If you feel the urge to paint then just paint something and see how it turns out.

"Don't be afraid to use other paintings for inspiration, do a few copies and make it your own."

Visit Louise's Facebook page and website to view more of her work.


  1. so inspiring! I know that I'm actually useless at art... literally!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I know - her art and technique really is inspiring. Just doing it because you enjoy it is a good enough reason, no matter what level you are at with art and keep practicing and you'll notice improvements I'm sure! Thanks for reading, Gemma xx

  2. This was such a sweet and inspiring post :) I definitely wish I was more creative haha

  3. I love the idea of just going for it and seeing what happens, so any people don't start creative hobbies like painting because they're afraid they'll be rubbish but sometimes you've got to take a risk and make yourself a starting point :) I loved readiing about the techniques used for the different effects in starry sky ! It's a gorgeous piece of work !

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

    1. Exactly, the only way to improve is to start. I totally agree :) thank you for reading. Gemma xx