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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Help to Shape the Future of Birmingham: BBAP Review

If you have been following my blog then you'll have heard about the Birmingham Big Art Project (BBAP) before.

You may remember that 5 shortlisted artist's proposed artworks were to be on display at various Birmingham galleries and I said I would be checking them out. Well I kept my promise; I visited Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery's (BMAG) installation and I was not disappointed.

Just in case you have no clue what I am talking about let me re-cap. The BBAP is an initiative set to become an iconic, public, art statement within Birmingham's creative scene. They aim to install a public artwork by April 2018 to put Birmingham on the global map.

BBAP Exhibition Review
The display begins at one end of a corridor which is filled with creativity and inspiring artworks. As you view each piece you can't help but imagine it on a larger scale. It definitely is a project featuring some big art ideas!

Fact File 
Duration: December 10 - April 23 2017
Location: BMAG (Also on display at Eastside Projects until April 23)
BBAP Twitter: @bigartproject

Industrial Revolution by Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson's 10 year trip
First up, on the left handside, is Keith Wilson's Industrial Revolution. It is the concept of a slow moving sculpture destined to travel from one end of Eastside City Park to the other over the next 10 years - yes you heard that right, 10 years!

The train with no name
As yet untitled by Roger Hiorns
Next is Roger Hiorns' untitled proposal of a landscape of small and large engines. One of which will be a 3D scanned steam train modelled in stone and then given an exterior which resembles human skin. Hmm, I wonder why he had trouble coming up with a name for this?! Are you all aboard with Hiorns' idea?

Small Giants by Brian Griffiths

Brum all dressed up
Alternatively, Brian Griffiths claims his proposal can be "worn by the city of Birmingham and its people". He wants to work with craftspeople from the Jewellery Quarter to create a series of 'Small Giants' (bespoke jewellery pieces), available to the public and, converted into one giant sculpture for Eastside City Park.

Station Clock by Susan Phillipsz

Tick tock says Susan
Susan Phillipsz' Station Clock proposes to represent the past, present and future of Birmingham. Each of the 12 digits of this clock will reflect a musical tone created by the voices of the people of Birmingham. They will sound every 5 minutes but more quietly at night.

Blueprint for Happiness by
Heather and Ivan Morrison
A cube of happiness
Heather and Ivan Morison take the cheery approach of a cube sculpture which goes by the name of Blueprint for Happiness. The artists describe it as "the perfect colliding cuboid geometries of minerals created deep beneath the earth. Its intricate gleaming facets represent a realignment of the many layers of Birmingham's long history into a new geometry for the future."

As the exhibition ends audiences are invited to vote for their favourite proposed artwork. The public's favourite will play a huge part in the steering panel's final decision. If you're the art-y type or simply want to be part of a decision that shapes the future of your city then view these inspirational ideas in person and vote for your favourite!


  1. I live near birmingham so will go and have a look at these in person ! My favourite is the cube of happiness , there's just something special about it :)

    lots of love,Marianne xxx

    1. It is a great idea. You should definitely go and vote for your favourite then, you never know - it could end up being built! :) Gemma xx