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Saturday, 28 January 2017

5 Things Most People Don't Know About Mindfulness: Mindfulness of the Month

Welcome to my first mindfulness of the month post of 2017! As it is the first in this series, this year, it occurred to me that maybe I should start right from the beginning with mindfulness. What actually is mindfulness?

Last year I seemed to launch straight into how to be more mindful without understanding and explaining what it really is.

So here are 5 facts about mindfulness:

Mindfulness is simply the awareness of experiences in the present moment. The modern definition of mindfulness isn't complicated but achieving it might be.

2 Unsurprisingly or not mindfulness originates from Buddhism.

3 Mindfulness and relaxation are different. They are often confused because relaxation can be a side effect of mindfulness but, whilst mindfulness is about being aware, relaxation is about being free from tension.

4 Apparently our minds can process 126 pieces of information per second! That is a lot we could be mindful about.

5 Mindfulness is the opposite of forgetfulness. We have probably all experienced being forgetful; it is when we are 'there' but 'not really there' - our minds are caught up with worries, fear, regret. Mindfulness is about bringing our attention back to the present. And during a shower may just be the best time to practise being mindful - ever finished a shower and realise you have no memory of it?

And just one to make you happy. Remember:
Every time your mind wanders and you bring it back to the present moment you are being mindful :)


  1. This was so cool to read. I've always been fascinated by Buddhism so I'll have to look into mindfulness some more!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! That's a great idea and remember to keep reading my mindfulness posts because each month I will share something new :) xx