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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Christmas Countdown: Inspirational Christmas Creativity

Christmas Post: 4   Christmas Countdown: 14 days

As part of my Christmas countdown, with just two weeks to go, I am focussing on all the inspiring Christmas creativity around us.

Whilst I was Christmas shopping, on Friday, I only had to pop into Paperchase and my eyes were met with loads of colourful, unique and beautiful Christmas Creations. I want to share my inspiring finds...

Floral gift wrap - wrapping sheet prices vary.

A bold floral gift wrap which really makes any gift a striking statement.

8 Inky snowflake charity Christmas cards - £3.50

Their arty design print is very unique. See them online.

2ft Rainbow Christmas Tree - £8.50

These Christmas trees which are all the colours of the rainbow truly are eyecatching and have been flying off the shelves. They only have a limited amount of 2ft trees left in store but they are also available in an original 4ft skinny style. View it online.

I hope these Christmas creations have inspired you as much as they've inspired my Christmas card designs. I won't give anything away because I'll be featuring a 'how to: creative Christmas card making' post soon. They really will be innovative designs so watch out for the post!


  1. I love how different these are with the inky rainbow style, they're realy artistic especially those cards ! That Tree is really fun :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

    1. I know, they had so much more in the shop but I just couldn't fit them all in my post haha. Thanks for reading :)