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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Christmas Countdown: Have Yourself a Merry Mindful Christmas

Christmas Post: 3     Christmas Countdown: 18 days
As you probably noticed this post's title is a famous festive song... with a difference. We all want Christmas to be Merry but we musn't forget about being Mindful as well.

As part of my Christmas Countdown this also leads us to December's Mindfulness of the Month post.

All that rushing around wondering "have I got gifts for everyone?", "do I need a new outfit for that Christmas party?", the preparations for that annual epic dinner, all the partying and travelling to meet with loved ones.

Whilst this is all fun sometimes the hectic nature of Christmas and the pressure to make it 'perfect' means this is when we need to be mindful the most.

We take a lot of things for granted at Christmas because we are so focussed on the 'big day'. We forget to enjoy the whole experience - we just need to take a step back and reconnect with our senses.

12 Days of Mindful Christmas
Here is a list of 12 activities, recommended by experts, to make sure you have 12 Mindful days of Christmas.

(Of course you can choose when to do which or repeat certain activities if you find one which works well for you. Plus they aren't just for the 12 days of Christmas - use them in the lead up too!)

1. Each morning think of something you are grateful for - it will help to begin the day positively.
2. Listen to Christmas tunes - really listen to the song lyrics and sing along.
3. Treat yourself not just your friends/family e.g. eat chocolate - don't forget yourself at Christmas.
4. Sit in a room with Christmas lights on - really notice the wonderful colours and relax.
5. Give plenty of hugs - experts say this reduces stress and even helps fight infections.
6. Bake a tasty festive treat - don't rush, take your time and enjoy it.
7. Go for a walk in the winter air - sometimes the cold can calm you.
8. Watch Christmas films - really get in the Christmas spirit with a festive film.
9. Do something spontaneous e.g. unplanned shopping - apparently we enjoy the unexpected more.
10. Add a Christmas diffuser - fill a room with seasonal smells and really notice them.
11. Meet a friend for a festive drink - not to 'tick something off your list' but because you want to.
12. And, if it snows, build a snowman!


  1. YOu're so right, everything can get very hectic around this time of year and it's important to take a step back and evaluate if you're looking after yourself ! I love the idea of sitting and looking at all the sparkly Christmas lights or going for a coffee because you want to !

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

    P.s Awesome title by the way honey !

    1. Aww thank you - one of my more creative titles I'll admit. But yes you definitely can neglect yourself a bit at this time of year. I hope the tips were useful :) xx