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Sunday, 18 December 2016

DIY Creative Christmas Cards: Christmas Countdown

Christmas Post: 6      Christmas Countdown: 7 days
You can get such a varied range of crafty Christmas cards in the shops these days but we all know receiving handmade cards makes us feel just that bit more special because they are personal.

I know you're thinking it's only a week until Christmas but it isn't too late to create some personalised Christmas cards. By following my quick & easy guide to DIY creative Christmas cards you can still make sure everyone on your list has their own unique, arty, festive card design...

You Will Need
  • Plain cards & envelopes in your desired colour (Hobbycraft have a good selection)
  • A festive stencil or image from the internet (to create your own stencil)
  • Spray paint(s) of your desired colour(s)
  • Christmas stickers
  • Blue tac
  • Scissors
  • Plain, thin white card (suitable for printing)

Get Creating

Choose your festive stencil or choose an image of any festive shape you like from the internet. If you already have a stencil skip step two.
2 If you have chosen an image from the internet print it onto your plain, thin card. Then cut out your image, starting from the centre, to leave your stencil outline.
3 Place your stencil in position, on top of your plain Christmas card, and use Blu Tack to secure it.
4 Follow the instructions on your spray paint and spray into the stencil - ensure the remainder of the card is covered with scrap paper so that no spray paint will reach it.
5 Allow it to completely dry before gently peeling the stencil away from the card. This will reveal your festive spray paint shape; if it smudges slightly don't worry because it all adds to the arty effect.
6 Add your desired Christmas stickers and they're ready to send!

Keep the design simple or add some sequins, add a colourful star or just go completely multi-coloured. The decision is yours but creating personal Christmas cards will definitely have you feeling festive too! Give it a try and share your designs :)

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