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Friday, 4 November 2016

Remember Remember...what is your favourite firework?

Bonfire night is just around the corner...which of course not only means bonfires but fireworks too!

It always gets me remembering...the vibrant colours and creative patterns which fireworks create in the sky.

It also makes me remember...the different types of fireworks and which ones were my favourites when I was a kid. Here is my pick of the top 5 fireworks:

Catherine Wheel doing its thing

1 The spinny old favourite: the Catherine Wheel
There aren't many garden firework displays which do not have one of these whirling sparks around - just some advice (from past experience) be sure to screw it to the fence properly or the colourful sparks could come spinning at you! :)

2 The sparkly ones: Sparklers
I'm sure you would agree that it just wouldn't be bonfire night without sparklers! And the great thing is no matter how old you get you can still write your name with these without being judged (well maybe slightly).

Some rockets ready to soar

3 The noisy ones: Rockets
It is great fun to see these soaring up into the air but they don't half make a racket - let's face it the whole neighbourhood knows when you have purchased one of these.

So massive it barely fitted in the picture

4 The big one: 200+ shot firework
Now everyone has at least one of these that they cannot wait to set off on firework night (even if it is just to show off to the neighbours). They are massive in size, sound and massively spectacular too.

Oooh so colourful!

5 The ooh aah ones: pretty fireworks
Saving the best until last the pretty, colourful fireworks somehow have us all saying oooohh aaaaahhh without even realising it - you know we all do it.

I hope you all have a fantastic firework night and many of these famous fireworks feature in your displays! Which fireworks are your favourites?


  1. Literally love fireworks so much! Catherine wheels are my faves though and omg can't believe you had to learn about screwing them in properly the hard way! Loved this post bab :)

  2. They are great! But yep, definitely learnt my lesson there! Aww, thank you for reading :) x