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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Mindfulness of the Month: Declutter Your Life & Become More Mindful

I admit my mental wellbeing has not been great recently and I know how important mindfulness is in conquering this. I even committed myself to writing 'mindfulness of the month' posts to address this.

However, it can be difficult to write about mindfulness when you are not feeling mindful yourself. I had been avoiding writing this post until I realised writing about mindfulness doesn't mean I need to be an expert in it. It's simply about sharing my experiences and the advice I have discovered which I hope will help myself and others to become more mindful.

Today I want to share Glamour magazine's 4 decluttering steps, which are sure "to really sort your life out", because they really resonate with me and the way I currently feel.

1 Declutter Your Bag
They say "a cluttered bag shows a fear of being caught short" - in other words only carry your essentials in your bag and organise them to stop that endless searching through our bags which we all hate.

2 Declutter Your To-Do List
Be specific about the tasks you need to complete, give them a time frame and prioritise tasks by numbering them. Apparently this way we will avoid that feeling of failure because we will have a clear and achievable action plan.

3 Declutter Your Social Circle
They say "the greatest sources of social stress is that sense of obligation". Basically we should make time for the people we want to see and not for the people we feel we have to see. Solution: choose 5 people you want to make time for each month and arrange to meet them.

4 Declutter Your Head Space
The reason some of us may be unable to make decisions about our future is termed 'decision paralysis'. This occurs when our minds become cluttered with conflicting ideas about our future. To resolve this we should focus on our passion rather than what we feel is the 'right' next step.

I am hoping following these tips will help me but it would be great to hear if they work for you too!

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