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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Keep Creative & Follow Your Dreams: Craft Open West Midlands

Craft Open West Midlands
September 17 to November 6 2016

My university assignments allowed me to visit art galleries which I loved but now I have finished uni it is even better because I can visit them simply because I enjoy it. And I want to share my experiences with you guys.

Following my visit to Wolverhampton Art Gallery last week I came across Craft Open West Midlands which, as the gallery's first exhibition of this kind, gives creators in the West Midlands the chance to showcase their artwork.

The exhibition gave me an epiphany. I know you probably think I am talking rubbish but the artworks featured are created by people just as ordinary as you and I. It isn't just about the famous faces when visiting galleries - even they weren't famous once. And being ordinary isn't an point is even if you aren't an expert in crafting or creativity, initially, don't give up because one day it could be you displaying your creation at your local gallery. Keeping creative teaches us to follow our dreams.

Here are the top 3, not so ordinary, creators whose work led me to this realisation:

Shokki Range by Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith, Shokki Range
  • Artwork: tableware range
  • Material/Technique: slip-cast & earthenware
  • Influence: Japanese aesthetics
  • Background: Chloe enjoys designing objects for the home, which are both decorative and functional, under the brand Casabi Designs. She founded Casabi Designs in 2014 and during 2015 travelled around Japan to gain inspiration.

Bird with Blooms by Amanda Anderson

Amanda Anderson, Bird with Blooms
  • Artwork: decorative interior piece
  • Material/Technique: ceramic, glass mosaic
  • Influence: the natural world
  • Background: Amanda Fine Art (sculpture) at Liverpool's John Moores University and co-founded Wigwam Arts in 1995. She creates stained glass and patterned ceramic pieces for their colour and vibrancy. She then finishes her designs with a black, charcoal grout to emphasise them.

Clare Pentlow,  and

  • Artwork: geometric paper designs
  • Material/Technique: hand-cut paper
  • Influence: turning an everyday material into something extraordinary
  • Background: Starting out from the fascination with paper as a great alternative to fabric Clare has already exhibited her work at over 20 galleries within the past 7 years. Clare finds the hand-cutting and folding of paper theraputic which allows her to remove herself from the technology driven, fast-paced world. Her use of bold colours, folding and layering of the paper provide a hypnotic sense which draws the viewer in.

Craft Open West Midlands is only running until November 6 but it's definitely worth checking out if you get chance. Or if you can't make it then why not visit the creators' websites to find out about upcoming exhibitions.

Click here to visit the gallery website for more details.

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