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Sunday, 23 October 2016

When Is Your Creative Thinking Time?

Creative thinking time is as unique as creativity itself. Some people are most creative early in the morning whereas others burn the midnight oil because that's when their creativity comes alive.

I am the latter and it has always been the same; my creative thinking time is late at night. Apparently, as a baby, my parents could never settle me before midnight so I was obviously destined to come up with my best ideas late at night. They still often joke that I am nocturnal.

Whilst everyone else around me is switching the lights out and going to sleep at around 11pm, which is normal for the majority, this is when I am most awake and most creative.

My student days were no different. It was like I was always half asleep until 2pm and after that, the later it got, a light bulb switched on which allowed me to make my best creative decisions. At around 1am I would come up with layout and design ideas for the magazine I produced. Although, I would imagine, most students can probably relate to this.

And this post did not break the trend. It had gone midnight when I came up with the idea of this post; all of the words started flowing and I had to write them down.

So next time you have a creative idea perhaps note down when it was because then, like me, you'll know when you come up with your most creative ideas. After all, creative thinking time is needed to do the creating.


  1. I'm definitely the second type of person too. I always found at school I'd be so tired in the morning and then I'd start to wake up at around 10pm lol! Loved this post Gemma :)

  2. Haha, definitely a great way to be. I think if we work best later on then we should never have to get up early haha. Aww thanks Izzy, glad you enjoyed reading it :)