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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Hungover & Have Writers Block? How to Avoid the Block...

So it's Saturday which of course means last night was Friday night and, like myself, many of us were drinking, partying, and letting our hair down after a hard week at work.

Or, remembering my own student days, then it probably doesn't matter what day it was, partying is the norm for you guys.

Either way we all know what can follow the day after a great party and are probably all feeling a bit worse for wear and sorry for ourselves.

So whether you write a blog, have an essay due in or just need to write for any reason writing creatively can be a struggle when you are hungover. Lets face it; anything is a struggle when we are hungover. The term #writersblock may come to mind and even regular writers can get it.

Apparently, I'm sorry to say, there is no official hangover cure so today I decided I would pass on my tips for writing through the hangover. As I'm writing this, I admit, I'm not really hungover but there have been occassions when I have been and I needed to write those 500 words of my dissertation or post on my blog. The words just seem to jumble up in my head and sometimes even when I think I've written an amazing sentence, which makes perfect sense at the time, I look at it the next day and it's like I have written it in a different language. You're probably reading this smiling and thinking to yourself "yes, I know that feeling".

Well, my advice for writing through the hangover is...
1. Don't panic if you have writers block.
2. Take a minute and do something else e.g. watch TV. You can't force creativity - it will come to you.
3. Have a short nap if you're feeling tired - remember to set an alarm though because that writing won't get done if you are out for the night.
4. Write it on a piece of paper first, leave it for a few minutes and then come back to it and read it again.
5. Finally, get someone else to read your work just to check it makes sense.

Or are you one of those people who writes their best work when you are hungover? The person we all envy? If so please help the rest of us out and tell us how you do it :)

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