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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Colouring is the Key to Creative Mindfulness

Stress and anxiety is important to discuss. The more we discuss it the less ashamed we will feel about admitting we are stressed or anxious and need to be mindful.

So here is my first mindfulness post. I hope to do a #mindfulnessofthemonth post every month to help those feeling stressed/anxious or just to have a general stress rant.

Everyone gets stressed from time to time perhaps it is the amount of work you have on or, like myself, you suffer with anxiety. Maybe you want to be mindful but just do not know how?

Sometimes when we are stressed or anxious it can feel like we are trapped with no motivation or idea of how to escape. My advice is to turn to a hobby. Don't make it difficult for yourself - choose a hobby which you remember you enjoy and just spending 5 minutes doing it could make all the difference.

Personally, I find colouring both enjoyable and relaxing. I have about 5 different colouring books all filled with floral patterns. I just simply pick a page that appeals to me that day, depending on what mood I am in, and colour for 10-30 minutes. Life is busy so sometimes I even take myself to a quiet room, put my mood lamp and music on and just get lost in the colouring. It doesn't have to look amazing; it is serving a purpose of allowing me to be creative and relax at the same time.

If this is something you haven't considered before then maybe colouring is the mindful activity for you. Or if this is something you already do then let me know your thoughts on how it works for you and share your colouring images. You can buy colouring books for adults and colouring pens/pencils in most stationary shops for a reasonable price.

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