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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Ghost (1990) - The Musical?!

Who knew they could turn a classic film like Ghost into a musical and it would be a success? Well they have and it was!

It is the old favourite which helped to make The Righteous Brothers' song Unchained Melody famous and those famous words "Oh My Love, My Darling, I've Hungered For Your Touch" were written on the curtain before it lifted and the magic of the musical began. And it was magical in more ways than one, on Wednesday night at the New Alexandra Theatre, as the development in special effects added excitement to the story.

If you have seen the film you will know that you can't fight back the tears and it is hard to believe the same emotion can be felt as different faces, including Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding and soap star Andy Moss, bring the fantasy, thriller to the stage. But I definitely felt the lump in my throat form (at times) and often heard the rustling of audience members' tissues.

And credit where credit is due - Sarah Harding has had a hard time in the press but, considering acting isn't her forte, I thought her ability to use the sweet nature and innocence of Molly to evoke emotion within audience, which is challenging for any actor/actress, was pretty impressive! Perhaps we put more pressure on her because of who she is and what she is known for. Would we question other actors in the same way?

Jacqui Dubois also deserves a mention. She brought the sass and humour to the character Oda Mae Brown and uttered the line we all love "Molly, you in danger girl." Without giving too much away there were many other recognisable scenes throughout.

It is a story which, no matter how it is told and no matter how many times, all generations can continue to enjoy and it will forever remain a classic. The cast brought its lively 'spirit' to the New Alexandra Theatre for the past 6 days but it is still touring in other locations (click here to find out where). This is definitely worth a watch if you get the chance!

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